The Order congratulates Joanna Penberthy 
on being consecrated as the 129th Bishop of St Davids
on Saturday 21st January 2017


In 1919 the Church of England lost its Welsh department when the Church was disestablished in Wales and its endowments were cancelled. This followed a long period of agitation, led, among others, by the then Prime Minister, David Lloyd-George fuelled by the fact that only a tiny percentage of the Welsh population were active members of the Anglican Church. The Church was replaced in 1920 by a body called the Church in Wales (not of Wales) with a status of an autonomous province in communion with the Church of England. The Church has its own Archbishop elected from among the six Bishops within Wales, who each keeps his own diocese.  The Bishop of St David's is the Patron of the Order of St David & St Non.

At a meeting of the Governing Body of the Church in Wales in 1939 it was suggested that a flag should be made by reversing the colours of the armorial banner of the see of St David. The armorial banner of the arms of St David's which would be a black flag with a yellow cross bearing five black cinquefoils. The reverse of this would of course be a yellow flag with a black cross and yellow cinquefoils. Why it was felt that the colours should be reversed was not explained.

It was later suggested that the cinquefoils should be omitted, to create a flag to be known as the Cross of St David. The below flag (Cross of St David) has been adopted as the flag of the Order of St David and St Non. A Black background with yellow cross.



Cross of the Order


The Cross of the Order is by tradition a Celtic Cross Gold in Colour, suspended from a Yellow and Black Ribbon.

Since centuries ago the Celtic Cross is a distinctive emblem originating in Ireland and Wales.  In Ireland, it is a popular tale that the Celtic cross was introduced to the island by Saint Patrick or possibly Saint Declan during his time converting the pagan Irish. It is believed that Saint Patrick combined the symbol of Christianity, a cross, with the symbol of the sun (or possibly the moon), or a circle symbol, a symbol of the cycle of life and or cycle of the seasons to give pagan followers an idea of the importance of the cross by linking it with the idea of the life-giving properties of the sun. Ideas and ideology that was familiar to them. 

In relation to the Order of St David and St Non; the Celtic Cross is Gold, the only yellow metal, has the chemical symbol Au, which is derived from the Latin word for gold - Aurum. It has a density nearly twice that of lead, is a good conductor of electricity and heat, and is so malleable that it can be rolled thin enough to allow light to pass through. 


                                       Lapel Badge of the Order


                                               Tie of the Order


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